‘Remanufacture Your Business Environment’ – Material Handling & Logistics

Apr 08

Be sure to check out my new article entitled ‘Remanufacture Your Business Environment‘ in this month’s Material Handling & Logistics. I look forward to your comments…

You can read the article on page 21 here.

Remanufacturing – A New Business Model for Light-Vehicle OEMs

Mar 04

I wanted to share a recent white paper I prepared for SAE International focusing on the hot topic of remanufacturing in the light vehicle OEM world.

“The combined market value of GM, Ford and Chrysler (the estimated value that is part of Fiat) is less than that of combined value of Deere, PACCAR and Caterpillar, which have only 25% of the annual sales volume of the “Big-3.” GM, nor Ford, which for decades were ranked within the top 25 largest US- based corporations, measured by market capitalization, do not currently even rank within the top 100 corporations.”

Read the article in its entirety here and learn about my proposal to the Big-3 auto OEMs: Remanufactured Products: A New Business Model For Light-Vehicle OEMs

Giuntini & Co. Referenced in Latest US International Trade Commission Study on Remanufactured Goods

Nov 28

Quite proud of this – I was recently referenced in the latest U.S. International Trade Commission study on Remanufactured Goods. Click here to view the release and then follow the link to a PDF of the report. Referenced on page 39.


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