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  Giuntini & Company

Management Consulting

We assist organizations improve the management of processes employed during the Product Support Stage of the lifecycle of commercial capital goods and military weapon systems, including product support business case analysis.

All our Associates are Subject Matter Experts (SME) with at least 25 years of experience. We specialize in OEM remanufacturing support and services and Performance Based Logistics (PBL)/Outcome-Based programs.

Projects that we have been engaged in by clients include:

  • Delivery of a Product Support Business Case Analysis (BCA) comparing several global Product Support constructs; balancing the alternative approaches of the processes employed during the life of a product
  • Delivery of a Pro Forma Income Statement and Balance Sheet for an OEM Product Support organization
  • Delivery of an analysis of the effectiveness of the application software for a Product Support organization
  • Delivery of a Balanced Scorecard construct for the operational activities of the suppliers delivering goods and services to an OEM's Product Support organization
  • Delivery of the Product Support segment of the forecasted Total Ownership Cost (TOC) analysis of an RFP response by an OEM
  • Delivery of a report on the financial and managerial accounting valuation of an organization's service parts investment
  • Restructured Product Support organization
  • Created Like-Kind Exchange program for repairable parts employed in maintenance processes performed in field/line

For more information on product support business case analysis or other specialities, contact Giuntini Company subject matter experts - click here.

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