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Previous Quotes

A selection of topics covered and publications that we’ve been quoted in can be found below.

Date Publication Topic
February-09 Airline Procurement Performance-priced programs, emphasizing planning aspects related to part configuration, condition and ownership
June-08 Chief Executive Officer Financial reporting of capital goods OEMs, with special emphasis on GE
February-09 Manufacturing Automation Subscribe to a new business model for manufacturers
January-08 Modern Materials Handling Going Green; people do lots of "green" things without calling it "green"
September-07 Modern Materials Handling Service: Cradle to grave
March-08 Modern Materials Handling Engaged by the ungauged: the untold story of productivity
December-09 Overhaul & Maintenance Efficient Inventory Management for avaition
December-06 Overhaul & Maintenance Links in the Chain; for avaition supply chain
July-06 Wall Street Journal Remanufacturing: Caterpillar's new emphasis
July-05 Manufacturing Automation Total Ownership Cost (TOC)
May-06 OEM Off-Highway Remanufacturing: an untapped opportunity
Jun-97 Traffic World Vendor Managed Inventory: Making it work
Oct-97 Product Stewardship Advisor Selling Stewardship to your board
Apr-96 Medical Imaging Off-site inventory
Feb-97 Controller's Cost & Profit Report Deriving maximum value from fully depreciated assets
Jul-97 Transportation & Distribution What language are you speaking when it comes to finance
Feb-04 Material Handling Management Reverse Channels
Nov-01 Aviation Now Overhauled & Reconditioned parts
Aug-99 Inbound Logistics Going Forward with Reverse Logistics
Nov-99 Manufacturing Systems Involvement in system implementations
Apr-99 Maintenance Technology New business model for OEMs


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