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  Giuntini & Company

Previous Research

Giuntini & Co. has completed comprehensive PBL, service parts and cost analysis research and assessments for numerous organizations including the Defense Acquisition University, SAP and Agilent.

For more information or background on any of these sessions, please contact us.

Dates Topic Client Focus
2006 2006 PBL application software SAP Defense/All
1998 2001 Lifecycle application software CINCOM Defense/ Commercial
2007 2007 Logistics Agilent Defense
2002 2002 Aviation parts distribution Private Equity Commercial
2001 2001 Service parts application software Servigistics Commercial
2002 2002 Defense education Defense Acquisition University Defense
2000 2001 Defense market surveys Camber Defense
2001 2001 Lifecycle application software PTC Commercial
1996 1996 Activity Based Costing Brunham Commercial

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