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"Ron was able to rapidly reverse a very challenging logistics initiative that had turned south. His ability to use best commercial practices and his extensive experience with military systems made the difference in our ability to once again move forward with our program."

"We were in real trouble. The Joint PM Office had rejected our weapon system PBL BCA Type II Study, not once, but twice. We heard about Ron being an SME on PBL BCAs, so we called him. He was able to quickly give us the info we needed to vet him and within 2 weeks he and his team began working with the BCA IPT. Within a month Ron was effectively steering the IPT to achieve the tasks it needed to complete for his team to aggressively move forward with the BCA. Within four months we had a completed PBL BCA and an IPT that had truly become a team. " 

"One day Ron was introduced to our ACAT I weapon system of systems PBL BCA Type II Study IPT; we had been having endless discussions on the BCA, but we had gotten nowhere for a six month period. Ron spent two weeks with us and developed an approach for delivering the BCA that was 180 degrees from where we were. We had the approach reviewed by PM Office leadership and LCMC offices and it was approved by all as meeting our requirements to move ahead with the BCA; lots of presentations by Ron to obtain approval by all, but he didn't miss a beat. He presented to two SES leaders who provided critical approval. Within four months the BCA was written and within two months the BCA had been approved by the IPT. Ron even aligned the BCA cost analysis with that of the Program Office Estimates (POE) developed by the Business Management team for Total Ownership Costs (TOC)."


"Our financial department was all over our case about the large increase in our investment in service parts to support our installed base of construction equipment…and our Marketing department was beating us up without mercy because customers were complaining that we never could deliver the parts they needed, which was in almost all cases ASAP. We were getting hammered on all sides. We needed help. By chance we had visited a sister company and were sharing some war stories when we started talking about our service parts challenges. Before we could finish our story of woe, our hosts said just call Ron; he has been working with us for 5 years and we have been able to make the Finance and Marketing teams happy, but most of all our customers…and we grew more than 100% during the time that Ron has worked with us.

We were able to quickly have Ron visit us to scope out our challenges. Within one week Ron had sent us a fixed price proposal to get us back on the right track. Within 3 months after Ron and his team began working with us, we started seeing some results. The real test was during our annual operator symposium; there was a unanimous agreement by our customers that we were getting our act together on parts. Our finance folks were also happy because we were able to keep our parts investment flat, with a 30% increase in volume and an 8 percentage point increase in fill rates. Ron helped us make some major changes to our parts planning application software system; in his honor we now call it Giuntini’s System.

"I was tasked, as a newly VP, by our new CEO to quickly create a new division that would be focused on consolidating the Product Support for our three commercial lines of aviation products, as well as generate 40% of our company’s EBIT. We had historically been a Make-And-Sell oriented OEM; revenues from Product Support were not viewed strategically. I had lots of challenges in moving forward with this initiative. I needed someone to be my advisor on the planning of this effort. I had heard Ron speak at an International conference on Product Support. He was the type of guy who could “fly high above the clouds” and help me look at the “big picture.” I’ll never forget our conversation and the urgency of having him come to my location to assess whether he could help me. I was half way across the country from Ron’s office and I wanted him sitting across my desk the next morning; I asked him could he do it…and this was at 3PM. Ron said he would get back to me within the hour after seeing how he could juggle his schedule. Sure enough Ron got back to me as promised and said he could arrive in our town by midnight and would be at my office at 7AM…and he did it. Within 10 days he began working with me on setting up the new Product Support organization. Ron helped us plan the move of almost 200 separate Product Support programs among our 3 product lines into our new division and address all the financial issues that our Corporate Financial team required of me. We used Ron for two years and he one of the key drivers for our success. "

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